Tablet review: Genius MousePen 8 x 6

2 Dec


Genius Tablet

I would like to t comment on the Tablet pen system by Genius, an off-brand that tries to capture the Wacom style look and feel of a pen tablet. I have used this tablet for over a year now and I would like to say it has value for its price. The tablet has assignable short-key hot spots as well as a nice area for hand movement. This tablet can provide many artists with an inexpensive alternative to the Wacom world.
I do not believe the actual pen can compare to a Wacom Pen stylus as far as durability and usage are concerned.

Probably for beginners

The pen leaves much to be desired; it feels sort of cheap. The tablet does excel as an introductory unit for those who are not willing to throw money in an area they are not sure they are comfortable with. This tablet is a good “you either like tablets or hate them” kind of device. The tablet itself does work well for the value.

Why you might buy this

I believe it is a great introductory tablet that can be a gateway to more sophisticated product usage. If you are a parent curious about buying your child a drawing tablet for art, or perhaps a newcomer wanting to stick thier toes into the water. This tablet is perfect for you. If you are a seasoned pro at tablet composition, pass it up and go straight to what you already know. This will not replace your broken Intuos. It will however, save money and give a wonderful test run.
This tablet works well on Mac and Windows with Adobe products and Corel products too.
If you are interested please look here for more information.
Here is a link to a user sketching with the tablet.

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