After long last, movie 9 gets reviewed!

21 Nov

After long last, I was able to see the movie 9. The movie is currently playing at the Carmike Cole  dollar theater in Cheyenne. Though I wasn’t compelled to see the movie when I would have to pay for the full price for admission, I’m glad that I went to see the movie while it was in the dollar theater.

The Verdict:

The movie was spectacular. The movie portrays the last of humanity embodied in nine small rag doll characters, each with their own purpose and personality. The movie shows an apocalyptic world where, like many movies, our own creations turn against us, and end up ending the human race. The plot was a rare gem where the story was easy to follow, made sense, and was simple enough for general audiences but with enough depth to stay interesting. While enjoying the experience of the movie, I came to realize the character each represents different human traits, such as the warrior/adventurer in each human, the intelligent types, the muscle brained, the leader, and even the righteous. In the end, the movie was an experience that I was glad to have had. I urge those who can appreciate this kind of movie to hit it up while it still is playing at the Cole theater.



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