Seneca challenge update

19 Nov

Well, its about midnight right now. However, I haven’t posted for today or yesterday (Seneca art challenge) . I need to explain. What happened yesterday is, well I was away from a computer when I was sketching. I know what you are thing “away from a computer…How could that be?” Well, its pretty easy to do actually.

I swear I did something

I did make some sketches last night on a few napkins that I will scan and hopefully post tomorrow. These sketches aren’t meant to awe anyone, just show a process in the self challenge. I also did on the new sketch tonight (thursday…even though this will post friday) but I am too tired to put it up tonight. Battery ….dead. I am working on better organization to avoid this problem. So far i have updated by Google calender, now if I can just stick to it. Brain…dead…


One Response to “Seneca challenge update”

  1. LCCC intro to MM November 19, 2009 at 9:57 am #

    try mobile uploads. Take a picture with your phone and e-mail it to your WordPress account. This is a quick, easy solution. You can even add text, and it uses your subject line as a headline…I think. I’ll check that for sure. Yep…it works just like that.

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