New Cheyenne podcasts features skateboard pros

16 Nov

John Doe Magazine a good source for skateboarding culture

John Doe magazine is a local fanzine for the Cheyenne community. It has developed over the years spanning print, DVD, and now a podcast.
It is a small operation that hopes to get some big names in the skateboarding world.

Podcast may not be suitable for children or those easily offended.

The show can use some vulgar and very non-PC language, but for the most part is informative and entertaining. I conducted an interview via email with the ringleader of John Doe Magazine, Rich Johnson, who answered a few questions.


What is John Doe magazine?
Fanzine for Cheyenne Skateboarding
What made you think of doing the web show?
Jim (the main interviewer on the show) was talking about Adam Corolla and Juice (John Doe Magazine associate) did a poetry show. So we thought it would be cool to try interviews.
How long have you been doing the web show?
Since May 2009
Who helps you?
Jim Ward talks during the show. Sam Yago, Jimmie Sevenfold, Azpx, Nigel Alexander
Have you been getting a lot of downloads?
About 1000 a month
How do you get your interviews?
Do you consider yourself media savvy?
Definately not!
Which interview is your favorite?
Jordan Hoffart

To listen to the podcast click here or go to


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