Lighting of Cheyenne’s City Tree.

14 Nov

Christmas Time!

The City of Cheyenne is Lighting up the City tree on Saturday. Also if you are there early enough you will be able to catch the Gingerbread contest! (click here for more info on gingerbread contest>

When is it?

Again Saturday the 21st, from 3 pm to 7pm. You have one week to fit it into your busy schedule!

How much is it?

This lovely event being put on by the city of cheyenne is FREE. There will also be free cookies and hot chocolate. The Union Pacific Railroad will have a free mini train ride that is also FREE, along with sound of the Strolling Strings.

“Where am I going?”

The Downtown Train Depot is where you can find all the activities. That is located on the corner of Capitol and Lincolin Way. Click Here for a map!

What else?

If you have anymore questions you may contact Pam at the train Depot 307-632-3905
or email her at

The Depot has their own web site Click Here to view it.

Also this is where I got my info Click Here



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