Fans are loyal to their teams

26 Oct
Laramie County Community College

Laramie County Community College

Most of the time, players are the ones who get the all the credit whenever they win a game, but what about the fans? Can you imagine a game without fans? The confrontation between the Nebraska fans and the Cheyenne fans made the games even more interesting. They know how to spice up the game; the more the fans shouted at the players, the more energy was put into the game.

What’s more important in soccer: style or success?

Any soccer team will tell you that it would rather have the 3 points for a win rather than no points in a game but look stylish in defeat. Stylish losing play doesn’t really truly exist. Success is what matters, style is just the icing on the cake. This is what the majority of any fan, player, manager, chairman, or anyone connected with a football club, will tell you. However, the Golden Eagle fans want to see both of this elements in a game; they always want more from their payers. It was nice to see American people cheering at a soccer game!

The only thing that was missing was the classic Ole Ole Ole!

– Oscar Morillon


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