Everything is ready…

23 Oct

Everything is ready for the Regional Tournament to start. It’s a little too windy as it always is in Cheyenne but this seems to be a great day to play soccer. The LCCC women’s soccer team will be the first one to enter the field to start this tournament.  And this is why they have been in the fields since 11:30 this morning doing some warmup exercises previous to the game against Western Nebraska, which is good because it’s cold out here.

A look to the crowd in the field

The rival team is still in the bus, which makes me think they will wait until the last minute to jump onto the field. The Golden Eagles continue to be among the top 10 teams in the nation this is why the team is confident about winning this game. I am sure that Western Nebraska will come out hard, every team will always want to beat the best team and this is no exception. They may be playing away but they brought a group of people who will be supporting them trough out the game. It will be interesting to watch both crowds cheering for their teams.

Supporters are welcomed

The parking lot seems pretty full and people keep arriving to the fields to witness this tournament and also to be part of the game. However, a lot people have decided to stay in their cars and wait until the games starts, but perhaps they may decided to watch the game from the confort of their cars. I wouldn’t blame them because even though the sun is out, the temperature is 30 degrees F, but there is a lot of people out by the fields who are already cheering the Golden Eagles. They came well prepared knowing that we were going to have cold weather today. It’s just a matter of time before the game starts and I better find myself a seat because I am sure that more and more people will shop up.

Oscar Morillon


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