Basketball is Coming Quick!

15 Oct

Be sure to catch the Eagles scrimmage tonight at 7 p.m.! They are taking on LCCC alumni in a head to head scrimmage! This will be a tough one on who to cheer for and who to boo, but you’re definitely not going to want to miss the excitement!


The Eagles will head to Casper on Oct. 17th to play in an all day jamboree. Then on the 24th they go to Salt Lake City, UT to play in an all day jamboree there. This will definitely help the team build their chemistry with one another and make their formations solid for the regular season. It will also give them an opportunity to play against better talent rather than just playing firemen and LCCC alumni.

The regular season is coming up quick! The first game is on Nov. 3rd and the first home game is on Nov. 5th! Make sure you don’t miss this one, we need all the fans we can get to give our Eagles a good boost into the season!
Here is a link to the basketball schedule

– Casey Greubel


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