Opinions About Political Cartoons

11 Oct

Monday Oct. 5

I did not really understand either of these cartoons.They were both about foreign issues, which can be confusing to me sometimes.

Tuesday Oct. 6

The first political cartoon this day was of a man praying in front of a huge dollar bill symbol. In his prayer he prays for serenity, courage, and wisdom. Things everyone is striving for in today’s fall of the economy. The second cartoon was of a news anchor showing a new poll for Obama’s Health Care, saying that Americans are becoming more racist. I thought this cartoon was funny.

Wednesday Oct. 7

This day’s cartoon was too wordy, I stopped reading it after the first box because it was just too much. The next cartoon was about Obama not keeping his promises; no comment from me on that one.

Thursday Oct. 8

The first cartoon was about David Letterman…not funny. Then the second was of Obama talking to Uncle Sam about our Nation and how things aren’t working out well.

Friday Oct. 9

Cartoon about the documentary “Capitalism: a Love Story” I guess this cartoon doesn’t make sense unless you have seen the movie. The next one was a little too sexually oriented to describe for a school project.

Saturday Oct. 10

First one was about people disliking Obama, yet it was a little confusing. Second cartoon was about the job market getting worse more slowly, scary but true.

Sunday Oct. 11

The first cartoon was about the new texting while driving law, it was funny. The second cartoon was of the constitution versus the Chicago gun ban. I didn’t know there was a controversy about this issue so I didn’t really understand what type of message it was trying to portray.
-Haley Butterfield


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