Laramie fall film series: Sin Nombre review

11 Oct

Sin Nombre is a compelling story that was a cinematic ride from start to finish.


A story about the struggles of one Honduran family trying to make it to New Jersey and of a young man’s escape from the murderous gang he once belonged to. The story revolves around the escape of El Casper from the La Maras. After the gang killed his girlfriend, El Casper turns against the gang leader and makes a brave run to the border of Texas. The young girl, Sayra, follows her father and uncle across Mexico and over the U.S. border in search of new opportunities, a better life, and to reunite with a family she hasn’t ever met. El Casper and Sayra meet while traveling on a freight train heading toward the border. The two fall for each other and try to make their way into the U.S. together.


The movie was very interesting story wise, but being a non-Spanish speaker, reading subtitles the whole time was a bit annoying. Regardless, the movie was worth it. The movie offers a rich and interesting story line that speaks to the struggles of immigrants and the Mexican gang rings. Through out the movie, the story conveys the difficulties that face these two distinct groups of peoples and what they must over come to make a better life for themselves. This movie is well worth checking out if you ever get the chance.


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