Surrogates seriously entertaining

10 Oct

SurrogatesAlthough its been a while since it’s release, I just recently watched the movie Surrogates, and thought I would review the movie.


The movie tells the tale of a futuristic world filled with fake robotic surrogates, mechanical perfect representations of themselves, that have all but replaced real human beings. The society of human controlled robots fall prey to a sinister plot that could kill millions of people through their surrogate. It is left up to agent Greer (played by Bruce Willis) to stop the sinister plot before the unexpected citizen fall prey to this murderous plot.


The movie is a fascinating take on the over dependence on technology. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat while the complex story unfolded. Surrogates did have a vague familiar ring of other movies in the genre, such as the movie “I, Robot.” Even though its familiarity, the movie was still a good science fiction movie that was very interesting to watch. Well worth the money. Definitely a movie that will find its way into my DVD collection!



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