LCCC stuns 3rd ranked team in nation

9 Oct
Michaela Boyd

Michaela Boyd

The Lady Eagles soccer (11-1-2) got two wins at home this weekend. The ninth-ranked Laramie County Community College women’s soccer team defeated third-ranked Navarro College by a stunning score of 4-0 on Oct. 4. They also beat North Idaho College 2-1 on Oct. 2 and tied Western Nebraska 0-0 on Oct.7.

Lady Eagles moves up in National Poll

With just two games to play, The Lady Eagles soccer is about to establish itself as one of the strongest teams not only the region but in the nation. The latest results the team has obtained have placed them in the sixth place in the National Poll in Division 1.

last weekend, the girls had a coming-of out game against the former third-ranked team in the nation, Navarro College. Challenges like this show the real capacity of the team toward the end of the regular season.

Huge weekend…

These were the last home games of the regular season. The LCCC women’s soccer team will be on the road over the weekend in Winter Have, Fla., to play second-ranked Polk Community College (9-0) on Oct. 10 which promises to be a headliner and then eighth-ranked Darton Community College (7-1-1) on Oct.They have two more road games Oct 10-11.

Click here to see schedule

– Oscar Morillon

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