Seneca’s Daily Cartoon

6 Oct

Self-Challenge…Create a new fresh cartoon everyday for two weeks.

For those of you who do not know me (I assume anyone reading this), I will introduce myself. My name is Seneca and I am a person who loves challenges, but hates to follow through. I never finish anything. I do not make my bed. I never do my homework on time. I rarely finish…um… my thoughts out loud. So, I decided to give myself a challenge to perhaps help me stick to a schedule and do something creative at the same time.

Beginning October 7

I will try to create a new cartoon for two weeks straight.

My rules:

  • I will post blogs and cartoons Monday through Friday.No weekends.
  • I will post blogs about making the cartoon while documenting my “creative” process and finally producing a cartoon by the end of the day (midnight).
  • If I fail, I must explain what went wrong.
  • The cartoon should be entertaining and show that I have worked on it. It will tell a story with it in someway.

I hope to incorporate some regional flair and reflect the culture I am surrounded by. I will accept feedback and try to incorporate it into my work.

Likely Problems

The problems I will face are:

  • I am not an organized person.
  • I am not a timely person.
  • I am often times stretching my imagination to the brink of self collapsing without producing anything of worth.
  • I am not a cartoonist.

First one due by Wednesday October 7.
What am I waiting for…Where’s the pencil?


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