Toy Story in theaters… again?

4 Oct

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D!

Source: Disney Pixar

Source: Disney Pixar

For 2 weeks only Toy Story 1 & 2 3D will be in theaters. Hurry to get your tickets. Now don’t be surprised but because these movies are in 3D there is going to be a surcharge of an extra $2.50. This doesn’t mean you get to keep your glasses either. They must be returned after the shows. Don’t forget though, you are getting two movies for the price of one.

Carmike Frontier 9 and The Capital City Stadium 12 are playing the movies.

The Capital is showing in Dolby Digital 3D. The shows will be in two parts so you will have breaks in-between shows.

For movie times go directly to the  Capital’s website Click here

For Carmike Frontier’s times go to their website Click here

Yes, you might already own these, as I do, but now it’s in 3D. Let ‘the claw’ pick you to enjoy this new version of an old favorite. The characters will jump right out of the screen and make you remember why these movies were and still are fun.

For a website that can get you into the mood of Toy Story that’s full of trailers, games, and more Click here

-Jessica Vinal


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