History comes alive at Laramie County Library

26 Sep
Benjamin Franklin Source: Wikipedia

Benjamin Franklin Source: Wikipedia

Laramie County Library’s presentation of Benjamin Franklin Live was a complete success. Christopher Lowell portrayed Benjamin Franklin fantastically. The subtle wit and humor made the performance highly entertaining and engaging.

Coming from a person who is not a major history fan, Benjamin Franklin Live was well worth watching. Christopher Lowell portrayed Benjamin Franklin as a tangible person, transforming what could be a history lecture into a engaging conversational like performance that captivates those in the audience. The performance spanned Benjamin Franklin’s life and achievements in one short hour. Covering many of his inventions, such as the Franklin stove, to the attributes that have governed his motives through his life, as well as the great contributions he made to creating this great nation.It was well worth the time to go and see the fascinating life of this founding father.

If you missed Benjamin Franklin Live, you still can head down to Laramie County Library to check out the Benjamin Franklin Exhibit that is showing in the libraries gallery.


To read LCCC A&E Blog’s article on the event, click here

To read the library’s article on Benjamin Franklin Live, click here

To read the library’s article on the Benjamin Franklin Exhibit, click here


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  1. edhird November 9, 2009 at 1:09 pm #

    Benjamin Franklin had a remarkable impact in so many ways, especially in the areas of technology and science. A Benjamin Franklin article just received the ‘Top 100 Electricity Blogs’ Award http://bit.ly/z8Ckp

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