Fabulous Village Fun

26 Sep

Children's Village

The Paul Smith Children’s Village is a super exciting place to see. There’s lots of different kinds of plants, including flowers and vegetables. Along the path of the village there are different types of hands-on watering techniques for the children to learn, use, and help the wetlands grow within the village. Even if you’re not a young child it’s still a fun place to explore, relax, and take a walk through a beautiful garden. Among all the plants there is also a secret garden, a bridge, tipis, bush sculptures, puppet show, and statues. I really encourage you to go and experience the serenity and fun all for yourself; you won’t be dissapointed. I had a fantastic time!

To see the official link visit this site: http://www.botanic.org/ChildrensGarden.asp  

-Haley Butterfield


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  1. Solar, Wind Energy used at Children Village - Tech Talon - October 25, 2009

    […] WindSpire and Solar Panels on the Classroom at the Children Village in Cheyenne, WY.In one of my recent blogs I discussed alternative energy. Wind power harnessed For this blog I wanted to find an area business that used either wind or solar energy, and I found one that utilized both. The organization I will be discussing is the Paul Smith Children Village, which is the new children’s area of the Cheyenne Botanic Garden.Children Village Grand Opening […]

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