Come see the show!

24 Sep

Annie at Mary Godfrey Playhouse

Sept. 25-27th, Oct. 1-4th, 8-11th 7:30pm

In the excitement leading up to see this musical I couldn’t help but want to get more information on the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players and the history behind the organization.  To do this not only did I go their website but I decided to go visit a friend who would be working behind the scenes for this production.

Click here for link to Cheyenne Little Theatre Players

I had a great time!  As soon as I walked in everyone was more than helpful and happy to show me around.  Enter, the green room.  This is where everyone waits right off stage and it’s full of children waiting to go on.  I got to tour the backstage area, scene workshop, and storage.  There is an upstairs area with some offices, wigs, and a big room which now has coloring books and other things for the children to do as they wait during the show.  Don’t forget the red wig for Annie!


I must admit watching everyone perform and getting to go backstage really got me excited to see the show.  In fact that night I almost became part of the production.  They always need volunteers to help with building, painting, makeup, and other backstage workings.  I highly recommend taking a night to go and enjoy a local production of Annie.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Click here for a previous post with more information

 -Jessica Vinal



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