Lewis Black: funny as ever!

20 Sep

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Show Recap

The Lewis Black show at the University of Wyoming wrapped up nicely with a standing ovation from a large laughing audience. The show warmed up with the wacky comedy of John Bowman. Bowman starts the laughter with his interaction with a member of the audience then quickly moves onto jokes about he evils of marketing. The theme song for a common herpes medicine, Valtrex, was a main theme for his marketing jokes. After John Bowman finished, Lewis Black took the stage to the applause of the University of Wyoming fans.

Lewis Black’s profane and vulgar ranting style of comedy meet an eager audience as Black joked about everything from Laramie to drugs. Starting out raving about the size of Laramie and the fact that no one knows how to park their trucks properly, Black had the audience in stitches. The topic of drugs seemed to be a barrel of laughs for the Laramie audience as well.


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